50cc Retro Scooters

There is a wide range of selection of 50cc scooters.  Buyers can choose according to their personal preference and need.  All the units are produced by sporty 4 stroke engines ensuring power and performance.  The 50cc retro scooter has eight colors to choose from.  It is quite trendy reviving the models of seventies scooters.  A […]

50cc Sports Scooters

The 50cc Sports Scooter has been on a popular demand due to its sporty and slim design.  The exhaust and brakes were crafted in a sports-style.  It has a great performance with a cutting 4 stroke engine ideal for speeding.  There are a number of colors and models to choose from.  They are reasonably priced […]

50cc Ninja Scooter

The 50cc ninja scooter is a race-inspired bike that comes in street-creed.  It is basically agile and could readily spring into action once started. The dual-colored Ninja scooter is only available in four stroke engine.  It’s quite perfect for young riders and suited for getting around the town.  There is a selection of three bold […]

Peugeot Speedfight 50cc review – Drive a Peugeot Speedfight 50cc

Peugeot Speedfight 50cc

Peugeot motorcycles have been manufactured since 1970 until the present time.  There is a list of motorcycles sorted by year and model.   The speedfight 2 scooter was produced in 2006.  It is absolutely a sporty and punchy engine with powerful progressive braking.  It has a single arm fork to ensure excellent road holding.  The asymmetrical […]


The scooters’ engine plays as the core part of the rear suspension or chasis and is a step-through type regardless of cc or size of the wheel. It has a low-powered gasoline engine with small wheels.  It’s geared to the rear wheel. Mopeds are lightweight motorized two-wheeled bicycles that can be pedaled or driven by […]

Is there are specific oil to be used for 50cc 4 stroke scooter?


Based from different researches, majority of the manufacturers suggests the usage of 10W-40.  There’s a need  for a change oil every 500 to 800 miles.  A synthetic oil is much preferred than mineral oil since it does not produce a sludge that is usual in a standard petroleum based oil.

Is using a higher octane gas gives 50cc scooter more speed?


It is a general misconception that a higher octane gas provides more engine power compared to the regular fuel.  The higher octane gas is good for high power engine cars like Cobras, Corvettes, LS1’s among others.  It is used to extract more energy in a high compression engine and to avoid the occurrence of detonation.  […]


There is a need to insure a 50cc scooter in UK.  Check out low cost insurance quotes for most popular scooters and mopeds with great benefit coverage.


In UK, a driver’s license is needed to drive any scooter.  The rider has to complete a one-day CBT course even if he has a full UK driver’s license.  The CBT course is very easy and impossible to fail.  It just needs common sense to pass and a CBT certificate will be issued.  There is […]

How can be the delivery time be confirmed?


The customer will be able to receive a delivery confirmation.  The company will advise the time of delivery by calling the buyer.

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